Which FatstrippaTM do I need?

Left Hand Or Right Hand Model

FatstrippaTM comes in Left Hand or Right hand variations. The reason for this is to minimise ‘dead’ space within the unit and maximise the 'wave' action the design of the unit facilitates. This minimisation of ‘dead space’ increases the time required between maintenance, eliminates FOG stasis in the units and most importantly maximises the FOG recovery.

To choose the ‘handing’ of the unit is a simple process:

  1. Choose the location for the siting of the FatstrippaTM. It shoold be as close to the sinks and equipment to be connected as possible.
  2. Determine the direction of flow of the wastewater into the FatstrippaTM from the kitchen.
  3. If the water flow is left to right then you require a RIGHT HAND UNIT. If the water flow is right to left then you require a LEFT HAND UNIT.
See diagram below or contact support@fatstrippa.eu for further advice. handing

Rear Inlet Model

At FatstrippaTM we understand that there are space constraints within many kitchens. To aid with ease of fitting we have developed a rear inlet model which can reduce pipe runs and add flexibility to the location of our units.

Raise or Floor Mounted?

The determination of whether to have a floor mounted (sits directly on the floor) or raised (with adjustable height legs) unit is largely personal preference and kitchen design. There are a number of sizes of extension legs available to raise the height of the FatstrippaTM further.

Thermostat or Integrated Timer/Thermostat Heater

The FatstrippaTM heater element only operates when the temperature of the unit drops below 30 deg. Centigrade. As most water entering the unit is significantly above that temperature the Heater Element operates only intermittently during hours of operation. A timer controlled element is available to ensure the element only operates during hours of kitchen operation.

Standard or Extended Basket

For kitchens which discharge large amounts of solid waste in their waste water, the extended basket can be a useful option. It has approximately double the capacity of a standard basket and adds around 200 mm to the length of the unit.

Flour Specific Strainer Basket

Flour and other starches combine easily with the FOG’s to form a solid crud that impacts the operation of all grease traps and removal units. At FatstrippaTM we have developed a basket that maximises the recovery of the flour and starches prior to it entering the unit.

Quick Sizing Guide

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