How it works

FatstrippaTM revolutionised the Grease Management Industry when it was introduced 22 Years ago.

The Concept

What is FatstrippaTM?

The FatstrippaTM is an immiscible liquid separator, which operates utilising hydrostatic pressure and does not require any moving parts

Simply it utilises the difference in Specific Gravity between oils and water to operate a one way valve that ONLY allows oil to be discharged.

How effective is the FatstrippaTM?

The FatstrippaTM will remove Fats, Oils and Greases from wastewater to below 35 Parts Per Million.

Independently validated in trials by, among others, the Australian Navy and Northumbrian Water. This far exceeds other units and techniques on the market.

The Operation

What happens to the recovered oil?

The recovered oil has water content of less than 3%

Because the FatstrippaTM is so effective in separating Fats, Oils and Greases from water the recovered oil can be processed, without any de-watering to Biodiesel. Simply empty the recovered oil into your used oil collector for return to your oil supplier.

What about solids being flushed into the unit?

The waste water is strained through a 3 mm mesh basket upon entering the unit removing solids

The incoming effluent enters the FatstrippaTM unit whereupon all large food solids are removed by the strainer basket. The effluent then passes under the first weir and into the main separation chamber.

The Environment

What is the enviromental footprint?

Designed out obsolesence

FatstrippaTM from its inception built its units to last. With 3 mm 304 grade stainless steel, fully welded joints and exceptional finishes all backed by a 10 year construction warranty we expect the unit to outlast the kitchen.

Do we need Chemical or Enzyme Treatment?

Eliminate Chemicals and Enzymes

FatstrippaTM was desigined to protect the sewage system, waterways and environment. The performance of the unit eliminates the need for secondary treatment with oxygen depleting chemicals or enzymes.


The Design Principles

FatstrippaTM is designed to last and minimise maintenance

FatstrippaTM was designed around the principles that it should be robust, minimise environmental impact, be easy to clean, eliminate chemical and FOG contamination of the waterways and oceans.

What maintenance is required?

Daily maintenance

FatstrippaTM is simple to maintain. On a daily basis the requirements are:

  1. Empty Strainer Basket.
  2. Empty Oil Collection Cassette.
  3. Clean the ball valve with the tube brush.
  4. Open Self Closing Silt Valve for 10 seconds to flush settled particles from the base of the unit.
  5. Wipe down external surfaces of the unit.